Restaurante Andalucía: 

Mediterranean tradition

Restaurante Andalucía is one of the best restaurants of Mediterranean cuisine that you can find in Calpe. We select daily the best fish and the largest assortment of seafood directly from the sea. We cook it to your taste and serve it to you in an incomparable setting, with excellent views of the fishing port and the Peñón de Ifach. Taste the Mediterranean cuisine and try our specialities in seafood, rice dishes and seafood. Wrap yourself in the gastronomic culture and enjoy the most elaborate Mediterranean flavour.

Restaurante Andalucía:  

Safe and secure space

At Restaurante Andalucía you can rest assured that we take every possible measure to enjoy our spacious dining rooms, which is constantly purified and systematically disinfected throughout the day. With the Air-Purifier, we eliminate micro-organisms, purifying the air with an efficiency of 99.95%, eliminating biological environmental pollution such as viruses, bacteria, moulds, pollen, mites and airborne fungi, as well as environmental dust particles.

**Restaurante andalucia**